Artist’s Books


This is an accordion book inspired by the story of how the musician Solomon Linda never received royalties for the melody of the song “Mbube”, later recorded as Wimoweh and The Lion Sleeps Tonight. It is a combination of etchings, letterpress and relief print. The cover and size of the book mimic the characteristics of a seven single sleeve.

It was made for the AMBruno [sic] project.

Pole Dancing : Degrees of Deviance in Urban Landscapes

This book is digitally printed and is a collection of photographs of desolate urban landscapes in which there are damaged sign posts. The very devices that are designed to impose order come to symbolise a degree of failure to impose that order.


Famous Philatelic Errors

The modest dimensions of postage stamps belie the political messages they carry. Occasionally errors, freaks and oddities are caused in the production process. In this collection of ‘rare’ stamps things have gone awry.

Linocuts with letterpress in a single sheet binding, eight images.

The Effects of Testosterone upon Ferrous Metals

Screenprinted with an embossed cover. This book shows damaged “pedestrian railings” from various locations in London. The edition was 20.


The Illuminated Communist Manifesto

Digitally printed, unlimited edition. This book was created for the AMBruno Red project.

Topless Celebrities : Cosmetic Surgery for the 21st Century

A screenprinted book celebrating the world of celebrity. Edition was 50.